Passion creates icon. Nikhil Anand is a Passionate Dancer. He redefined dance dynamics bestowing upon it the status of a universal art form that any dance enthusiast can embrace and enrich his or her life. He has earned the sobriquet “GURU OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE”. Nikhil Anand dons many hats performer, Director, Entertainment Designer, Choreographer, Teacher, Mentor, Celebrity Judge and Philanthropist. Nikhil Anand is on a mission to spread the joy of dancing and he is making a success of it.

A man with the passion and gusto for performing arts, with a Will do some good to the society by inculcating in everyone The need and urge to learn a performing and then pushing Their potential to an extent that they feel the need to Showcase it on a respectable platform; and then providing Them with that platform, Electra.

He is the phenomenal Nikhil Anand. He redefined dance dynamics bestowing upon it the Status of a universal art form that any enthusiast can embrace And enrich his or her life. Nikhil Anand dons many talents not only as a performer, Director, Entertainment Designer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Mentor, Celebrity Judge and Philanthropist.

Nikhil Anand is on a mission to spread joy of dancing and he is Making a grand success out of it. He has performed at the Commonwealth Games held in Sydney, Australia in 2006 and Added feathers to the glorious hat of India. He has Contributed in the choreography for performances in varied Film Award functions like IIFA Awards, Stardust Awards and Filmfare Awards and many others. He was also a part of Performances at IPL and ONGC Cup final Performances at DY Patil Stadium. Nikhil Anand’s incredible ability to deliver exceptional performances has established him on a national level.

“When I tread on a path of making my Passion, a complete Profession. My aim was to help people heal through dance, move to the music of their soul and disconnect them from their worries” says Nikhil Anand explaining his motto and vision of his work. Nikhil Anand is a dreamer, a visionary, and an abstract personality. Having a decision with life at an early age made this young soul realize the importance in the world of movement. He never planned anything, as he believes that the plan for everyone is already made. It’s about time we choose the right piece to fill in and complete the jigsaw puzzle of our life. Founder & Director of Elevate Dance Institute believes in discovering movement with time as he strongly believes that Time is Growth. A defined step closer the living his dream with the Establishment and today the success of Elevate Dance Institute. Being the founder of the organization, Nikhil affirms that the company dances with truth and at the academy, the purity is synced with teaching. Nikhil Anand has given the dancers at his academy the opportunity to perform for various shows in India and around the Globe.

"The Institute provides a prestigious platform to its students to enhance their hidden talent. Besides that, it also renders financial aid to the deserving students in the form of fee waivers. It has also provided employment to a number of bright students and they've been doing well in their respective fields of work.
To experience bliss in movement, you should be a part of this enigmatic dance family.
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“Every person has a Different Talent and Nikhil Sir is the most talented dancer we have ever seen. His passion, dedication and skill are evident through all the efforts he has put into his dance. We love the positive attitude that he carries all the time. He puts such Fire, Energy, Power and Passion into his every performance that he makes people watch in awe. He is an extremely sweet, honest and down to earth person and makes time for his Team and Students which is something very Admirable. His dedication to Dance is evident through his dance class Elevate Dance Institute which serves to bring the knowledge of dance into many people’s hearts.

He is a well-rounded, Amazing person and deserves so much Recognition for the work that he has done. Everyone who knows him is lucky to be a part of his life. We hope he succeeds at everything he does in life.”

EDI Team


Without the Help, Support, love and Encouragement of all the people Associated with Elevate, we would not be on a platform as high as this today. We would like to thank all the people for their Love, Support, Patience and even for being a part of Elevate.

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